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About Carroll Middle School

Our Mission

Carroll Middle School is an integral part of the community which it serves. The mission of Carroll Middle School is to assist these young people into developing the skills, attitude, self-discipline, and values to become life-long learners and productive individuals.


Carroll Middle School opened its original doors in the fall of 1987. CMS opened in a brand new building one mile north of the old one in 2004. This new building has exactly the same floor plan as Maple Creek Middle School. CMS currently has an enrollment of approximately 800 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. The student populations of Arcola, Hickory Center, Huntertown, and Elementary Schools blend into our middle school.

Carroll Middle School embraces middle school philosophy utilizing a flexible block schedule, team planning time, and interdisciplinary instructional teaching units. The vast majority of CMS students participate in the following extracurricular activities: Student Council, academic super bowls, future problem solvers, plays and musicals, choir, band, cross country, volleyball, football, basketball, wrestling, track, and soccer.

In addition to a strong PTO, Carroll Middle School parents are very active and provide support for the total school with additional volunteer services and material items for enrichment of our school and curriculum.

Carroll Middle School recognizes that to be a contributing citizen in today's world, a person must be educated to accept responsibility in his/her community. We strive to offer sufficient guidance so that the student is able to develop a positive self image and make wise decisions concerning their future endeavor.