CMS Band Procedures and Rules

  1. Musicians will enter the room, spit out gum if you have it, and proceed immediately to their instrument storage area before the tardy bell.

  2. Students will put (or get) their instruments together, place their empty case back in the locker (flutes, clarinets, and oboes excepted), close the locker, and go to ready position. You will have an instrument, music stand, complete band folder, and sharp pencil. Do not play, but talking is allowed.

  3. Students will be in ready position for guided warm-up 3 minutes after the tardy bell rings.

  4. Follow instructions on the board for guided warm-up, learning target, and order of rehearsal. Percussionists will need to do this first in order to get out all the correct equipment for that rehearsal. The board will display what we are concentrating our learning towards.

  5. Watch for the quiet signal and respond as drilled.

  6. During rehearsal, raise your hand with 3 fingers extended to leave your ready position. Don't move until I give you a direct nod. (Sharpen pencil, get valve oil, get a reed, get equipment, answer the phone for me, etc.)

  7. With approximately 3 minutes left in class, on this verbal cue from the director, “Thank you Band", musicians will return their instrument to the storage area and properly stow their instrument(s) and folder, and put their stand back in the stand rack.

  8. Each student will lock your lock onto your locker.

  9. All students will wait for the exit bell before leaving the room.

CMS Band Class Rules

  1. No talking during instruction. (Don't talk when Mr. Hornbarger or Mr. Pobocik talks.)
  2. No hitting, shoving, tripping, poking, running, horseplay, or making fun of each other.
  3. Do not throw anything - period.
  4. Please show respect for all school owned and personal; instruments, music, equipment, and supplies.

CMS Band Class-if you choose to break the rules.

1st time -Verbal warning

2nd time - 5 points off for participation

3rd time - suspended from class to hallway, or office - loss of all 20 participation points for the day

Severe disruption - student sent immediately to the office

Grade Policy for Bands at CMS-

  1. Participation (up to 75%) is a large part of the grade. Students must have their instrument, equipment, complete folder, good effort, and a pencil every day we have class. If the instrument is being repaired, please bring a note from home.
  2. Practice sheets (25%)
  3. Concert attendance is mandatory and is counted as part of participation.
  4. Some playing and written quizzes.

Thanks for reviewing this - now please fill out the slip given to you in class and bring it in for "25 participation points!!"

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