ISSMA Solo & Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble - Your chance to SHINE as a musician!

ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest was held on Saturday, February 1, 2020, at Carroll High School.

Be better musicians, have fun, win medals!!!!!!!!!!!........When next year rolls around.......

  1. Please sign up woodwind on woodwind sheet, brass on brass sheet, percussion on percussion sheet.
  2. Clearly print your first and last names.
  3. Next put the event type (like........clarinet trio).
  4. Put down your Group number.
  5. 6th Graders and first year at contest are Group 5.

    7th and 8th Graders for the most part will be Group 4.

  6. Then under "NEED ME TO FIND YOU MUSIC" put yes, unless you have a private lesson instructor.

The fees are 15$ for each solo, $7 for each ensemble member. Pay Mr. Hornbarger with exact amount, or check made out to CMS.

Once you sign up please pay your fee as soon as possible, but, the deadline is ? 2020. Please pay with exact cash or a check made out to CMS, and make sure a director initials your name on the entry sheet!

Well, after you sign up and pay your fee, what next?????????

Each performer must acquire proper music for their performance. This means you must obtain "legit" music that fits your personal desires and the standards set by ISSMA, and their judges.

Basically (serious) music written or arranged specifically for your instrument, that isn't too hard or too easy, with proper presentation to give the judge at contest.

Solos - this means a solo part, almost always with a piano accompaniment. This accompaniment can be recorded piano, as long as the soloist can supply playback equipment. But, a human accompanist will almost always be better because they can listen and work with you as you play.

Ensembles - this means a piece of music, usually without accompaniment, that is intended to be played usually one to a part. The ensemble must stay within the instrument family group. You must have a trio, on up to 20 members in any one ensemble.

Mr. Hornbarger will help you find music! He has to approve any music you plan on performing!

Now - you've got your music (music notation)! What next? Practice!

After school practices are available almost every day except the days of pep band. Practice goes after school until 4:45!!!!!!!!!

Each individual needs to work out their parts at home, with diligent methodical practice. Take your time and master a phrase of music at a time. Sometimes use a metronome. Sometimes use a tuner. Sometimes listen to a recording. These are a lot of ways of practicing.

Have your ensemble maybe gather at one musicians house to work, or certainly after school. Piece it together one chunk at a time, work out the notes and rhythms, dynamics, articulations, tempos, chords, is something else when it comes together!!!!!!!!!

The reward of all this work is mostly intrinsic (plus you get a medal!), that feeling inside when you know you have done a good job and achieved a goal. With music the reward is even better because you end up with, well, MUSIC. Sound for emotive communication. Art in sound. It is a huge thing to make real music, awwww, food for the soul!

Here are a few pointers for a successful experience!

- Park in the event lot off of Bethel Rd. and enter CHS through door 13.

- Dress up!

- Carroll High School will not copy anything! All copying must be done before arrival.

- Be courteous and quiet in the hallways.

- Your musical score must be numbered and contain your name, and school name.

- Be at Carroll H.S. an hour before performance time.

- Be ready to play in your performance room 5 to 10 minutes early.

- Give the judge an original copy of the solo or ensemble.

- Tune to the performance room piano (soloists).

- Take a bow after you play! Please acknowledge any applause!

- Make sure to pick up your music and medal cards from the Door Person after you play.

- Pick up your medals from the medal tables.

- Be silent whenever you are in a performance room observing.

- Keep all food & drink in the appropriate areas.
This is a work in progress - last changed 2/10/2020 elh