Remote Learning at CMS

General Information

  1. Classes will have students from both Maple Creek and Carroll Middle School.
  2. Class sizes continue to be adjusted.  We are working to alleviate a few classes that remain larger than we like.  This is due to the late enrollment changes. 
  3. Please follow the daily schedule posted on 8/20/20.  Students at both middle schools have the same schedule.
  4. All classes will be recorded and posted.  In the event of an absence, the student will be able to access the lesson.
  5. If students need support in any way, please contact their guidance counselor, an administrator, or the office via email or phone.
  6. In the event of a two hour delay, remote students will follow the two hour delay schedule.  Teachers may go live or post e-learning assignments.
  7. In the event of a school closing and an e-learning day is implemented, remote students will have an e-learning day.


  1. Students will log-in at the beginning of each period.
  2. Students will remain in the class until released by the teacher.  Students should expect to be in the class the entire period.
  3. When requested by the teacher, the student needs to show his/her face. 
  4. Attendance will be taken as normal. If a student does not attend or leaves early, he/she will be counted absent.
  5.  If your student is going to be out for any reason, please call the attendance secretary as normal.
  6. Students are expected to follow the handbook.  All school rules apply.
  7. Inappropriate internet use will not be tolerated.  If a student uses technology inappropriately, he/she will be subject to discipline that may result in suspension from the program.
  8. Late work: Remote students need to adhere to the expectations set forth by the teacher. Students will follow regular school/grade level late work policies.  There will be no exceptions.  We encourage you to monitor your student's progress.  We were very lenient last spring due to the newness of the situation.  We will adhere to this policy.

Course information

  1. All PE classes will be completed via an e-learning method.  Assignments will be posted, and no live instruction will take place.  If you need to communicate with the teacher, please email him/her.
  2. Related arts courses will be assigned based on availability. 
  3. Related arts courses will be conducted in an e-learning style.  Teachers will regularly post videos and/or instruction.  Students will have a weekly assignment for  
    General Music 6
    PE 6 
    General Music 7
    Health 7
    PE 7
    Art 8
  4. High School credit courses will run as follows:
    Careers: Live stream
    Spanish: Live stream
    PE 8/High School PE: e-learning style with regular assignments
  5. Accelerated English courses are not titled accelerated, but the material is available in the course.  As previously communicated, the teachers will differentiate content to ensure the students needing accelerated curriculum will receive it.  Please feel free to contact the English teacher.
  6. Accelerated math courses will live stream daily.  Again, make sure you attend this class at the properly scheduled time.
  7. Each student has one study hall assigned.  This class has one of their 4 content areas teachers available to them.  The student can check in with this teacher at any time.  They are not required to log-in this period.  The goal is to have a sign up for students to meet with their teacher individually.
  8. Most students have a “TEAM” class that lists the principal,Mr. Basham, as the teacher.  This is an open period.  Students can choose to study or work on other homework.  The goal with this period was to give the students a break from sitting in front of the computer all day long. Students do not log in to this class.

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