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ISSMA Band Contest(s)

March 7, 2020, Saturday (CMS Jazz Band only)
ISSMA Jazz Band Contest at Carroll High,  Exact
times are to be announced.

March 14, 2020, Saturday (CMS 6th Grade Band,
CMS 7th Grade Band, and CMS 8th Grade Band)
ISSMA Band Contest at Manchester High School in North Manchester IN
Exact times are to be announced.

CMS Bands + Musical Excellence = Expectation

Our bands are dedicated to musical excellence. Every rehearsal, concert, and contest is designed to strain toward the goal of beautiful musicianship. All students work toward a rudimentary knowledge on their chosen instrument with fine ensemble musical quality as the end result.

"The mission of the band program at Northwest Allen is to cultivate a lasting appreciation for the wonderful art of music. We use instruments as our wheels, the concert band as our vehicle, encouragement as our fuel, and the pursuit of excellence as our sign post. Music as art, a very worthy destination"


6th Grade Band- This band is a second year concert band, and meets everyday, during first or second period. If you choose to be in our awesome choir, you can be in Band/Choir and rotate every other day between band and choir. Just make sure you have your band instrument here on the days you have band. If you forget whether or not it is a band day, just bring your instrument (you will build stronger muscles)! Our band program at Northwest Allen County Schools starts in the 5th Grade. Our incoming 6th Graders have had one year of instruction at Arcola Elementary School, Eel River Elementary School, Hickory Center Elementary School, or Huntertown Elementary School.

What if you are an incoming 6th Grader and you decide you want to be in band? It is never too late! I know of people who started learning musical instruments much farther down the road of life. Here at CMS we ask, whatever grade you're going into, that if you are a beginner, you take private music lessons to try and 'catch up'. See Mr. Hornbarger for a list of private teachers.

Remember most of the 6th Grade Band rehearses every day so make sure to bring your instrument every day. This band works hard to play various selections, thoroughly learn book 1 (Sound Innovations for Concert Band, specifically for your instrument) and get started with book 2. We learn A flat and B flat major scales. We perform with musicality in four concerts and one contest during the school year.

Students are highly encouraged to participate in the ISSMA solo & ensemble contest.

7th Grade Band- This band continues on from the exciting things we learned in 6th Grade Band and meets third period. In seventh grade we have band everyday, so always bring your 'axe' (you'll build stronger muscles!).

We really learn fast in 7th Grade. The band works hard at the Circle of Fourths, about 7 major scales, tuning concepts, tone quality concepts, and nailing the first half of book 2 (Sound Innovations Book 2). We also have fun with some great joke times off and on during the year.

This band will attain the musicianship to perform at the ISSMA Band Contest in group II. Our musicians perform in four concerts and one contest. Students can all play in the ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest, and try out for the All Region Band. We encourage all of our 7th Grade Band to perform with the CMS Pep Band.

Jazz Band- The Jazz Band is a regular class and some of the membership is derived through audition. This band consists of 8th and 7th Grade student musicians dedicated to studying, understanding, and performing big band jazz and stage band type music and arrangements. The Jazz Band meets last period. Special attention will be given to playing ad lib or improvised type solos. The jazz band is a smaller group, because jazz band is arranged for saxes, trumpets, trombones, bass, piano, and drums.

The jazz group will learn fast, work at the Circle of Fourths, all the major scales, some blues scales, some theory, tuning concepts, tonal concepts, and rehearsing in Sound Innovations for Band Book 2. We will also have a lot of jazz rockin fun!

The CMS Jazz Band will attain the musicianship to perform at the ISSMA Jazz Band Contest in group I or 2. These musicians will perform as a jazz band at all of the regular band concerts held during the year, plus Jazz Cafe at CHS and possible outside appearances! Students will be eligible to play in the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest, and try out for the All Region Band. All members will be highly encouraged to participate in the CMS Pep Band.

8th Grade Band- The 8th Grade musicians fill out into musical maturity. It is pretty much set up like 7th Grade, but at higher levels. The 8th Grade Band is the top instrumental music ensemble at CMS, and class meets every day during third period.

One thing for parents and musicians to consider is upgrading your instrument. We hope all musicians will continue playing into Carroll High School (where they will learn to mix well with their sister school, Maple Creek Middle School), college, and beyond. This is a good year to get a 'pro' horn. Eventual upgrading from a 'student line' horn to a 'pro' horn is a must. Musicians need the best tools to be their best!

Our 8th Grade musicians work hard in developing more uses for the Circle of Fourths, all major scales, some minor scales, rhythmic concepts, transposition, and the second half of book 2. We also have fun! Have you heard any gross band stories lately?

The 8th Grade Band will raise their musicianship to the level able to compete at the ISSMA Band Contest in group I. All musicians are encouraged to be in Pep Band. We will perform four concerts and one contest. The ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest is a favorite musical outlet for these musicians, as is Pep Band and a tryout for the All Region Band.

8th Grade students really need to join the inspirational "Carroll Charger Pride" next year as CHS freshmen. Marching Band is your next logical "step" in the band world. They are a State Finalist, trophy, and honor winning group, so your future looks very bright indeed.

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