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The classroom textbook is called "Descubre" and can be accessed online via this link: You must have your username and password handy.

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Per Kathleen J. Lepper, Director of Guidance, CHS (March 28, 2006):

"The Department of Education for the state of Indiana has recently communicated additional clarifications for the new graduation requirements (starting with) the class of 2010... While it remains a local option whether or not to award high school credit for courses taken at the middle school level, high school credit must be awarded IF the student wishes to have the middle school course count toward Core 40 and Core 40 with Academic/Technical Honors diploma requirements. These courses must also be calculated in the high school accumulated grade point average (g.p.a.) to count toward Core 40 and Core 40 with Academic/Technical Honors diploma course requirements.

Additionally the middle school course must meet high school course standards to be awarded high school credit. This condition is met because NACS middle school Spanish I classes follow the same standards and administer the same common assessments as the high school Spanish I classes. Since it is very important that students are truly ready to move on to the next level, the Carroll High School Spanish department has determined that 8th grade students should score at least a C+ (78) on their Spanish I, 2nd semester final exam to consider moving on to Spanish II as a freshman.

If your child receives a C+ or better on the 2nd semester final exam, your child MAY move on to Spanish II at the Carroll High School Freshman Campus. If your child moves on to Spanish II AND completes Spanish II successfully, your child will be awarded credit for Spanish I taken at the middle school, the course and grade will be noted on the transcript and will count in their high schoolg.p.a. Repeating Spanish I at the freshman level is also an option, and in that case the middle school Spanish I will not appear on your student's high school transcript and therefore will not receive credits nor be calculated in the g.p.a...."