CMS Locker Cleanout

CMS- locker clean out map.pdf 

CMS Families,

I hope this message continues to find you and your family healthy and well.  I have detailed information for our upcoming pick-up/drop-off dates.  Please be aware that health and safety are our most important items as we go through this.

Based on information from the Allen County Department of Health, visitors must be fever free without the use of fever-reducing medications, like Tylenol, for at least 72 hours and be symptom free for at least seven days. If you are unable to visit because of the time allotted,  illness, isolation, quarantine, or recently experiencing a fever, please contact Michele Mettert by calling CMS or emailing her at

Each student will be allowed one person to enter the building per family - either the student or an adult representative.  Whenever possible, we encourage an adult to drop off the items and clean out lockers.  With students having not seen one another for a while, it will be easy to want to catch up and talk.  We certainly miss seeing each other and would love to have a conversation, but we must comply with social distancing requirements. 

This process is designed to be in and out as quickly as possible.  We will not have trash cans available.  All items are to be taken from lockers and gone through at home.  I have attached a map (top of this page) for everyone to have an idea of where you will be going.  We will have floors and halls marked.  Please be sure to come on your assigned day to allow us to properly social distance. 

As previously mentioned the schedule will be as follows:

          Friday, May 22: 8:30am - 2:30pm:                Math class 1st or 2nd period

         Tuesday, May 26: 8:30am - 2:30pm:              Math class 3rd or 4th period

         Wednesday, May 27: 8:30am - 2:30pm:        Math class 5th or 6th period

         Thursday, May 28: 8:30am - 2:30pm:            Math class 7th or 8th period

Grade level entrances - you must enter in the door for your grade level

  • 6th grade: Park out front, enter in Door 1.
  • 7th grade: Park out back (bus lot), enter in Door 14
  • 8th grade: Park out front, enter in Door  5 (gym door)

Procedures and information

  1. The following items have been placed in student lockers:
    • Award certificates
      • Please remind your student to be careful with these.  If something happens in the process, we can provide a new one next school year.
    • Gym locker items
    • Late Night with the RATs t-shirt (if purchased)
    • Band locker items
  2. Per NACS, anyone entering the building must have a face covering.  Pulling up your shirt will not be allowed.  Based on information provided by the ACDH, if a mask is unavailable, a bandana, scarf, or similar facial covering will be permitted.
  3. There is one flow of traffic.  You must follow this path until you exit the building.  There will be tape on the floor for the path to follow and to maintain 6 feet distance.
  4. You are allowed to bring one bag with you to bring in your carry items and use it to load stuff from your locker. We will provide you with a trash bag to help you load your items.
  5. Staff members will be present to help with lockers if the combination has been forgotten.
  6. Please take and remove any items on the front, above, and inside your locker.
  7. Leave your locker open when done.
  8. If you have multiple students
    • You can pick one of the days to come.
    • One person can complete the process for each student, or you can bring multiple people to go simultaneously.  If you choose to have multiple people going, come in one entrance and let a CMS staff member know.  We will then get you to the appropriate line. 
  9. 6th and 7th grade students will NOT turn in their computers.  They will keep them over the summer.
    • Items needing repair - turn in with a note about the issue. Repairs will be made over summer and be returned in August.
    • Students leaving NACS (not just their school) - turn in device and adapter

Specific grade level instructions:

Each grade level student will need to complete the following on their path. Signs will be posted:

  • 6th grade
    • Drop off Social Studies textbook
    • Drop off English textbook
    • Drop off computer only if needing a repair or leaving NACS
    • Drop off library books and/or headphones
    • Pick-up projects from Social Studies (if it is in the library)
  • 7th grade
    • Drop off computer only if needing a repair or leaving NACS
    • Drop of English textbook
    • Drop off library books and/or headphones
  • 8th grade
  1. Drop off any borrowed CMS band instruments
  2. Drop off computer and chord (keep the case)
    • If you are taking summer school, you will KEEP your computer.
  3. Drop off English book
  4. Drop off library books and/or headphones
  5. Pick-up clay art projects/show choir bins
  6. Drop off any other school items

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation during these past few months.  This is not the school year we hoped for or predicted, but we made it through together.  I appreciate the students, teachers, and families of CMS working together to stay positive and work through a completely new scenario.  I hope you all enjoy a well-deserved summer, and we look forward to seeing you in the fall.  To our 8th grade students and families leaving, you will be missed greatly!  This was an amazing group of students that we know will go on to do wonderful things!  We wish you nothing but the best as you continue your journey.  This will certainly be a year we never forget.